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Legend Toolbar Instructions
No Rainfall (RF Stations)
No Rainfall (RF & WL Stations)
Below 20mm Rainfall (RF & WL Stations)
21 - 30mm Rainfall (RF & WL Stations)
Alert (RF & WL Stations)
Danger (RF & WL Stations)
1. Pop-up data windows: Position cursor over a station to see pop-up data.
2. Zoom-in and zoom-out: Use the navigation slide, mouse wheel or double-click.
3. Pan: Click and drag the map.
4. Road: Select to display map in road view.
5. Aerial: Select to display map in aerial view.
6. Hybrid: Select for hybrid road and aerial view.
7. 2D/3D: Select 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional views.
8. Bird's-Eye: (If available) Select to get low-angle, very high-resolution aerial views.